Sunday Sauce

Last week was a bye week for the Purple and I had some time to strip the front yard veggie garden and put it to bed for the winter. Tomorrow, on the other hand, we're back on. Since Mr. Bitchy has deemed Sunday forever Pasta Night at our house it seems like a great day to make some Spectacular Sunday Sauce. Yes, I DO teach preschool and it was indeed letter "S" week, why do you ask?) And yes, it is technically Saturday, but this sauce needs some time and always tastes better the next day or days.

Long ago, when cooking shows were only found on PBS and cable didn't really exist, The Frugal Gourmet had a show and series of cookbooks. He was a favorite. As I recall he was formerly a Methodist Minister. His Frugal Gourmet Cooks With Wine still has a place on our shelf, despite the fact that he was later revealed to be (but never proven, although he did settle out of court according to that great truth website Wikipedia) a pedophile. An Episcopal Minister in my childhood church had a similar fate, and , (prior to the revelation) he gifted Mr. Bitchy and myself with a cutting board as a wedding gift. We referred to that as the Pedophile board until it broke a few years ago. I suppose we could call this pedophile sauce, but Jeff Smith called his version "Italian Gravy". "Sunday Sauce" seems somehow appropriate now given the churchiness and the fact that we're gonna eat it on Sundays.

My least favorite chore is definitely processing tomatoes. I have learned the value of squeezing out the seeds and then straining off the juice, thanks to Mr. Bitchy. The garden gods were good to us this year in the tomato department, tho. So process some fresh ones. Or used canned. Whatevs. Just stop buying bottled pasta sauce with too much sugar and ingredients you can't pronounce.

Technically, there is no recipe for this sauce. I just opened my crisper drawer and start dicing and shredding. This batch has carrots (lots--there's your sugar, people), onions (also lots), celery tops, green and red peppers, mushrooms. shredded zucchini and yellow squash, fresh herbs (orageno, basil, rosemary), pepper, and all of that lovely tomato pulp. Also an ungodly amount of roughly chopped garlic. Add a good slosh of red wine, and some homemade veggie stock.

Look at this lovely load for the compost bin! See? It's win-win!

I'm cooking mine in a crock pot for a day or so. The kitchen smells all saucy and whatnot.

One of the best kitchen tools ever is an immersion blender. Just look at this sauce! Go forth and make some linguine! or lasagne! or pizza!